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Latin 2 Derivatives

Latin 2 Derivatives Term 3 Chapters 23-32

Permanent Remains forever
Obstreperous Loud, noisy
Munition Defenses
Pontiff Priest, bridge maker
Stupor The act of being amazed/stunned
Nidicolous Bearing young that need assistance
Pontifex Maximus The greatest bridge maker
Lapidation The act of stoning someone to death
Ultramontane Beyond the mountains, on the other side
Lucifugous Scared of lights-bats
Patron A guardian
Capitation To count heads
Arcuate Something that is arched shaped
Mons Tarpeia The Tarpeian rock
Ludicrous Prone to playfullness, playing
Domicile A place where you live, home
Edifice A building
Lector A reader
Centrifugal To flee the center
Ex libris From the books, library
Pollution The effects of activities that cause dirt
Innocuous Harmless, not harmful
Vincible Ability to be overcome, conquered
Terraqueous Land/water containing, lives on both
Gladiolus A flower with sword leaves
Terra firma Firm land
Terra incognita Unexplored land, unknown
Defenestration The act of throwing out a window
Parietal Pertaining to a wall/boundary
Elation Carried away,happy
Incendiary Flammable
Dubious Full of doubt
Peninsula Water on three sides
Insular Like an island, removed, isolated
Oppressive Something burden-some
Penultimate The next to last day/thing
Fenestrate Sponge-something with porous openings
Infantile Acting baby-like
Obscurity Something hidden,random
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