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Med. Term for CNA

Ch6 of Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants

a-, an- without, not, lack of
ab- away from
ad- to, toward, near
Ante- before, forward, in front of
anti- against
auto- self
bi- double, two, twice
brady- slow
circum- around
contra- against, opposite
de- down, from
dia- across, through, apart
dis- apart, free from
dys- bad, difficult, abnormal
ecto- outer, outside
en- in, into, within
endo- inner, inside
epi- over, upon, on
eryth- red
eu- normal, good, well, healthy
ex- out, out of, from, away from
hemi- half
hyper- excessive, too much, high
hypo- under, decreased, less than normal
in- in, into, within, not
inter- between
intra- within
intro- into, within
leuk- white
macro- large
mal- bad, illness, disease
meg- large
micro- small
mono- one, single
neo- new
non- not
olig- small, scant
para- beside, beyond, after
per- by, through
peri- around
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of, prior to
pro- before, in front of
re- again, backward
retro- backward, behind
semi- half
sub- under, beneath
super- above, over, excess
supra- above, over
tachy- fast, rapid
uni- one
trans- across
abdomin (o) abdomen
aden (o) gland
adren (o) adrenal gland
angi (o) vessel
arterio (o) artery
athr (o) joint
broncho bronchus, bronchi
card, cardi (o) heart
cephal (o) head
chole, chol (o) bile
chondr (o) cartilage
colo colon, large intestine
cost (o) rib
crani (o) skull
cyan (o) blue
cyst (o) bladder, cyst
cyt (o) cell
dent (o) tooth
derma skin
duoden (o) duodenum
encephal (o) brain
enter (o) intestines
fibr (o) fiber, fibrous
gastr (o) stomach
gloss (o) tongue
gluc (o) sweetness, glucose
glyc (o) sugar
gyn, gyne, gyneco woman
hem, hema, hemo, hemat (o) blood
hepat (o) liver
hydr (o) water
hyster (o) uterus
ile (o), ili (o) ileum
laparo abdomen, loin, flank
laryng (o) larynx
lith (o) stone
Mamm (o) breast, mammary gland
meno menstruation
my (o) muscle
myel (o) spinal cord, bone marrow
necro death
nephr (o) kidney
neur (o) nerve
ocul (o) eye
oophor (o) ovary
ophthalm (o) eye
orth (o) straight, normal, correct
oste (o) bone
ot (o) ear
ped (o) child, foot
pharyng (o) pharynx
phleb (o) vein
pnea breathing, respiration
pneum (o) lung, air, gas
proct (o) rectum
psych (o) mind
pulmo lung
py (o) pus
rect (o) rectum
rhin (o) nose
salping (o) eustachian tube, uterine tube
splen (o) spleen
sten (o) narrow, constriction
stern (o) sternum
stomat (o) moutn
therm (o) heat
thoraco chest
thromb (o) clot, thrombus
thyr (o) thyroid
toxic (o) poison, poisonous
toxo poison
trache (o) trachea
urethr (o) urethra
urin (o) urine
uro (o) urine, urinary tract, urination
uter (o) uterus
vas (o) blood vessel, vas deferns
ven (o) vein
vetebr (o) spine, vertebrae
-algia pain
-asis condition, usually abnormal
-cele hernia, herniation, pouching
-centesis puncture and aspiration of
-cyte cell
-ectasis dilation, stretching
-ectomy excision, removal of
-emia blood condition
-genesis development, production, creation
-genic producing, causing
-gram record
-graph a diagram, a recording instrument
-graphy make a recording
-iasis condition of
-ism a condition
-itis inflammation
-logy the study of
-lysis destruction of, decomposition
-megaly enlargement
-meter measuring instrument
-oma tumor
-osis condition
-pathy disease
-penia lack, deficiency
-phagia to eat or consume, swallowing
-phasia speaking
-phobia an exaggerated fear
-plasty surgical repair or reshaping
-plegia paralysis
-ptosis falling, sagging, dropping down
-rrhage, -rrhagia excessive flow
-rrhaphy stitching, suturing
-rrhea flow, discharge
-scope examination instrument
-scopy examination using a scope
-stasis maintenance, maintaining a constant level
-stomy, -ostomy creation of an opening
-tomy, -otomy incision, cutting into
-uria condition of urine
proximal toward the connection to the trunk
distal away from the connection to the trunk
anterior toward the front
posterior toward the back
lateral away from midline
medial toward the midline
Activities of daily living (ADL) activities usually done during normal day in a person's life
atrophy decrease in size or the wasting away of tissue
cognitive function involves memory, thinking, reasoning, understanding, judgment, and behavior
contracture lack of joint mobility caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle
dementia loss of cognitive and social function caused by changes in the brain; the loss of cognitive function
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
dyspnea difficult, labored, or painful breathing
fowler's position semi-sitting position, the head of the bed is raised between 46 and 60 degrees
vital signs temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure (sometimes pain)
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