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PSR 11

Pre-fixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

saur- lizard
schis-, schiz- split, divide
sci- know
scler- hard
-scop- look, device for seeing
-scribe, -script write
semi- half, partly
sept- partition, seven
-septic infection, putrefaction
sess- sit
sex- six
-sis condition, state
sol- sun
solv- loosen, free
som-, somat-, -some body
somn- sleep
son- sound
spec-, spic- look at
-sperm- seed
-spher- ball, round
spir-, -spire breathe
-spor- seed
stat-, -stasis standing, placed, staying
stell- stars
sten- narrow
stern- chest, breast
stom-, -stome mouth
strat- strat
stereo- solid, 3-dimensional
strict- drawn tight
styl- pillar
sub- under, below
super-, sur- over, above, on top
sym-, syn- together
tachy- quick, swift
tarso- ankle
tax- arrange, put in order
tele- far off, distant
telo- end
terr- earth, land
tetr- four
Created by: RJ Dover