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Intensive Reading:

Floods Hit South Asia Vocabulary

Intensive Reading: Floods Hit South Asia Vocabulary
1. Hydroelectric: The creation and distribution of electricity created from the energy of falling water or any other water source
2. District: A division of territory, as of a country, state, or county
3. Susceptible: Capable of being affected, could be physical or emotional
4. Utensil: Any of the instruments or vessels commonly used in a kitchen
5. Possession: Anything that is owned
6. Dramatic: Highly effective; striking; startling; sensational
7. Receded: To go or move away; retreat; go to or toward a more distant point; withdraw
8. Generate: To produce or bring into being; create
9. Resource: A source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed
10. Impoverished: To make poor
11. Monsoon: The rainy season when the SW monsoon blows, from about April to October
12. Submerge: To cover or overflow with water; immerse
13. Relief: Money, food, or other help to those in poverty or need
14. Breed: To produce (offspring) or procreate
15. Official: A person appointed or elected to an office or charged with certain duties
16. Aquifer: Any geological formation containing or conducting ground water, especially
17. Devastate: To lay waste or make desolate; destroy
18. Precipitation: Rain, snow, sleet, dew, etc., formed by condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere
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