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Elect. & Magnetism

Students can study concepts taught during the electricity and magnetism unit.

Open Circuit A brake in the circuit that does not allow electricity to flow.
Closed Circuit A complete circuit where electricity can flow.
Conductor A material that allows electrons to flow through it easily.
Insulator A material that does not allow electricity to flow through it.
Name three good conductors of heat and electricity. water, copper, aluminum, steel, gold, silver, etc.
Name three things that are insulators. rubber, wood, cloth, plastic, glass, crayon, etc.
Electromagnet a temporary magnet that uses an electrical current in a wire to become a magnet.
What can cause an electromagnet to be stronger? Adding more of a power source or wrapping more coils around a nail.
What happens when you add energy such as electricity to an object such as a wire? It gets hot.
Switch An object that opens and closes a circuit.
magnetic field The space around a magnet in which the force can be felt.
attract to pulls towards an object
repel to push away from an object
What materials would you need to build a circuit? a power source, a conductor such as a wire, and a receiver or load such as light bulb.
What would happen if you removed a wire from a circuit? It would open the circuit because it wouldn't be complete.
What things are made of atoms? Everything!
What travels from atom to atom to make the circuit work? electrons
In a complete circuit, what's the purpose of the d-cell battery? It is the power source
How can you make a temporary magnet? You can stroke an object with a magnet several times and it will align the domains of the atoms in the magnet. You can also touch a magnet to steel and it will magnetize the steel.
True or False? The magnetic field of a magnet can go through various objects. True
True or False? The greater the distance between an object and a magnet, the stronger the magnetic field. False
True or False? The poles on a magnet that are alike, attract each other. False
What is a natural magnet made of iron ore called? Magnetite
True or False? All metals are attracted to a magnet. False
True or False? All metals conduct electricity? True
Created by: EOWoods