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Chapter 1

Making Music Chapter 1

Loop a recorded melodic or rhythmic pattern that repeats continuously
Samples Short excerpts of sound from a previously existing source
House Music A type of disco music with samples of other music and various sounds mixed in.
Chord Progression The order in which chords are played in a piece of music
Lick A short melodic or rhythmic pattern; a motive.
Refrain The section of a song that repeats, using the same melody and words
Verse A section of a song where the melody stays the same when it repeats, but they lyrics change
Lead Sheet A shorthand score or part, which can provide melody, chord symbols, accompaniment figures, or lyrics.
Copyright a legal right granted for exclusive publication, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work
Public domain belonging to the general public
Diction clarity and distinctness in pronouncing words
Dynamics the degrees of loudness and softness of sound
Tempo the speed of the beat
Articulation the manner in which notes are joined in succession.
Rigger One who hangs speakers and lights for a performance
Master The original recording used to manufacture copies
Form the overall plan of a piece of music
Mechanical License Permission to record sounds usually for a fee
Mood the feeling that a piece of music gives the listener
Style A description given to music that has a special character or sound derived from its musical elements
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