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environmental scienc

fishing and agriculture voc.

a line is attached to a baited hook which can catch and pull in the fish pole-fishing
species of fish that are accidentally caught bycatch
commercial fishing technique when baited hooks are attached to a single, long fishing line that trails behind a ship longline fishing
a large net is dragged behind a ship trawling
maximum that can be harvested without diminishing the population for future years maximum sustainable yield
something being fished at unsustainable levels overexploited fishery
stocks so low fishing cannot be supported depleted fishery
measurement of the average trophic level of the total catch from a fishery Marine-Trophic-Index
process of farming aquatic organisms aquaculture
farming of saltwater organisms mariculture
fish farming combined with hydroponics aquaponics
was raised in mariculture or aquaponics facility farmed
was caught from a body of water wild caught
label attached to any seafood that follows sustainable fishing practices MSC Certified
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