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4th Grade--Weather

What is the atmosphere? A blanket of air that surrounds the Earth.
What is the troposphere? The bottom layer where weather happens.
What does a barometer measure? Measures the force of air on an area.
What does a thermometer measure? Measures temperature.
What is the percentage of oxygen in the air we breathe? 21%
Why does the wind blow? High pressure moves into low pressure making the wind blow.
What does a rain gauge measure? Measures rainfall
What do stratus clouds look like? They are gray clouds that cover the sky and sometimes bring rain.
What are cumulonimbus clouds? They are clouds that bring us thunderstorms.
What are cumulus clouds? They are puffy on top, flat on the bottom, and look like a cotton ball.
What happens in the polar and tropical regions? This is where air masses form.
What happens when a warm front moves into an area? Warm air slides up and over the cooler air making clouds and maybe rain.
What happens when a cold front moves into an area? Cold air forces the warmer air up to make clouds and severe weather.
What does it mean if the barometric pressure is dropping? Wet weather is coming.
What does it mean if the wind is coming from the southwest? Warm and dry weather is coming.
What causes weather? Weather is cause by the sun heating up the Earth unevenly.
Created by: edavidshofer