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Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration - Cornell

Who is a merchant? A person who buys and sells goods for a living.
What is bartering? To exchange goods without using money.
What does trade mean? To exchange things of value.
What two things are exchanged when people exchange? goods and ideas
What is an empire? A large area which different groups of people are controlled by a ruler or government.
What did Marco Polo accomplish? This person made other Europeans want to trade with China.
What group of people conquered most of Asia to make Marco's travel's possible? The Mongolians.
What is navigation? The science of plotting and controlling the course of a ship.
What is the Columbian Exchange? The transfer of people, plants , and animals across the Atlantic Ocean after Columbus' first trip to the americans.
What are germs? Very tiny, simple living things that often cause diseases.
What is immunity? having resistance to a disease.
What are diseases? illness, condition to which a bodily system does not work properly.
What is an epidemic? the spread of a disease amoung many people.
What is a plantation? A large farm that often grows one cash crop.
What is slavery? A cruel system in which people worked without pay and freedom.
What does circumnavigate mean? to sail around the world.
What is the meaning of conquistadors? Spanish word for conqueror.
What does enslaved mean? To force people against their will.
To Europe from New World: FOOD corn tamotoes patatoes sweet patatoes pinapple
To Europe from New World: ANIMALS muskrats squirrels Turkey
To New World from Europe: FOOD Wheat Sugar Rice Melons Oranges
To New World from Europe: ANIMALS horses sheep cattle pigs goats
Created by: shara232