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DNA, RNA nad Protiend Synthesis Chapter 12

Griffith discovered transformation
transformation genetic information that can me transferred from one living thing to another
avery discovered that DNA stores and transmits genetic information
Hershe & Chase discoverd that the genetic information in a virus is DNA not protene
what is DNA made of nucleotides
what are Nucleotides made of 1 phosphate 2 sugar 3 base
what does DNA A pair with T
what does DNA G pair with C
Rosalind Franklin used X-ray diffration to study the sturuture of DNA
Watson & Crick mad a molcule of DNAshowed that DNA was a double stranded molecule, called a double helix
what is DNA 2 strands of NUCLEOTIDES wrapped around each other, and connected my base pairs in the middle, forming a twisted ladder shape
what are Chromosomes mad of DNA
what must Chromosomes do before they dicided they must copy
Mutation a change in gean a socurce of genetic variation, not all mutations are harmful!
point mutations change in a single base
substion one base is substiuted for anoter
frameshift mutations harmful poin mutations becasue they change the "reading frame"
insetion and extra bas is insterted
deletion a base is left out
cromosombal mutations change in a sturcture of chromosomes
Created by: xxdeborahx3