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Criminal Just. Ch. 5

Chapter 5 History of Law Enforcement

Tithing System Group of 10 families agreed to abide by law and prosecute violators. From medieval times in England
Shire Ten tithings is a hundred. One hundred or several One hundreds is called a shire
What do you call the person who is the director of the Shire and what title did this give rise to? Shire Reeve later called the Sheriff
Posse Citizens called into service by the Sheriff
Constable The chief peacekeeper from each parish (town)
*Constable Watch system System of protection in early England. Citizens were required to be on watch at night and respond to come to aid of the constable when called.
What was the age requirement to be part of the constable watch guard? Male citizens from 15 to 60
*The Bow Street Runners Bow street, the entertainment district in England from 1700s, created this group of professional law enforcement agents to fight crime.
*Henry fielding The London magistrate that created the Bow Street Runners
London Metropolitan Police Created in London in the 1800s by Parliament. 1000 officer police force created to centralize law enforcement
Bobbie What officers of the London Metropolitan police force came to be called (or Peelers after Robert Peel, the British Home Secretary .
In what city was the first paid unified law enforcement force created? New York. Came to known as the Municipal Police Department
The first Black police officers were what? Free men of color
What was the first city to have Black police officers Hired in 1805 in New Orleans.
This was considered the earliest form of policing in the South. The plantation Slave Patrols a product of the Slave codes
Officially formed in 1835 to fight Native Americans and patrol the Mexican border, thiey were considered the first form of state police. The Texas Rangers. Fun fact...everybody in the Rangers is a Captain.
August Vollmer Berkeley Chief of Police who established professional standards to become a police officer.
*Community Policing Policing that actively involve the community working with the police to control and reduce crime
CompStat Computer crime statistics that combines crime data with geographic information to help develop effective crime fighting strategies
They were the first Federal law enforcement agents in the United states. The U.S. Marshals.
How are the US Marshalls selected The president nominates US Marshalls and they are confirmed by the Senate
This branch was created to combat counterfeiting and to protect the president The Secret Service
Which agency mission is protect US from terrorists attacks, spying , cyber attacks, protect Civil Rights, and combat public corruption etc. The FBI
Which policing agency carries out the largest portion of law enforcement work The Sheriffs department
State police Model The state officers have same powers as the local police but can operate statewide
The Highway Patrol model Officers focus almost exclusively on highway traffic safety.
Agency created in response to the terrorist attack of 9/11 The department of Homeland Security
True or False. More people work in public law enforcement than in private security. False. Twice as many work in the private security fields
Name the two types of private security. Contract and Proprietary
This is the agency that conducts the executions authorized by the federal courts The U.S. Marshalls
Contract security firms... Protect people, agencies, and companies that do not employ their own security division or need extra protection.
Proprietary Security Firms... In House security service.
*What prevented the development of professional police departments up until the 1920's? Party politics and corruption.
*How many Federal law enforcement agencies are there? Book only says dozens (Pg 150)
Created by: JeromeG
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