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Watershed Vocab

Science Watershed Vocabulary

Watershed An area of land in which water flows and drains into one body of water
Ridgeline or Divide An area of higher ground separating two adjacent watersheds
Tributary Smaller rivers or streams that flow into a larger river or body of water
Estuary A place where fresh and salt water mix
Wetland A lowland habitat that has a shallow layer of water which still allows standing vegetation
Sediment Materials such as rock and grains that have been moved (erosion) by water, wind, or other processes
abiotic factors Non-living factors, such as water, temperature, soil, salinity, pH, oxygen, and light that influence the ecosystem
Turbidity "Dirtied water" due to runoff of sediment or movement of soil in the water
Salinity The degree or measure of the saltiness of water
pH A measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. Animals are very sensitive to the pH level. Sometimes changing the pH can kill fish or other organisms
Dissolved oxygen Amount of oxygen dissolved in the water as a percent
Created by: sfarwell