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Science- Plants

Stimulus Anything that causes a reaction in a body
Tropism Plant growth in response to a stimulus
Phototropism A change in direction of plant growth that is caused by light
Gravitropism A change in the direction of plant growth that is caused by gravity
Negative Gravitropism Found in the shoot tips and grows away from the center of the Earth
Positive Gravitropism Found in the roots and grow toward the center of the Earth
Annuals Plants whose life cycle is completed in one growing season (Ex: Pansies)
Biennials Plants that require 2 growing seasons to complete their life cycle (Ex: Carrots)
Perennials Plants that live year after year for more than 2 years (Ex: Trees, strawberries)
Short-Day plants Plants that flower in the fall/winter when nights are longer (Ex: Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus)
Long-Day plants Plants that flower in the spring/summer when nights are short (Ex: Roses, trees)
Evergreen Some leaves are always present on the tree. Leaves are adapted and are usually covered with a thick cuticle
Deciduous Trees that loose all of their leaves around the same time of each year
Rhizoid Root like structures that hold non-vascular plants in place and help the plants get water and nutrients
Rhizome Underground stem that produces leaves, shoots, and roots. Anchors the plant in place
Fiddlehead Newly produced, tightly coiled leaves of a fern produced by the rhizome. They are sporophytes
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