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Cardiac Definitions

Quiz 6

Definition: The ability to independently generate an electrical impulse. Automaticity
True or False: All myocardial tissues are able to generate impulses. True
Definition: Increases or decreases excitability of muscle tissue, particularly cardiac tissue. Bathmotropic
Bathmotropic: Positive or negative ___________ Excitability
Definition: Altering the rate of cardiac muscle contraction. Chronotropic
Chronotropic: Positive or negative ____________ Heart Rate
Definition: Influences conduction. Dromotropic
Dromotropic: Positive or negative Conduction through AV node
Definition: Influences force of cardiac muscle contraction. Inotropic
Inotropic: Positive or negative __________ Strength of contraction
Definition: Generation of electrical impulses by cardiac cells outside of normal conduction patterns. Ectopy
Definition: Decreased blood supply to an area, caused by vascular constriction or obstruction. Ischemia
Definition: Lack of blood O2 supply that causes cell/tissue death. CAN happen in area other than heart. Infarction
Definition: Formation of many independent impulses, resulting in twitching movements of cardiac muscle. Coordinated contractions do not occur. Fibrillation
Definition: Impulse which originates from above the ventricle (SA, AV, Atria) Supraventricular
Definition: End diastolic stretch of heart muscle fiber (get it by the amount of blood returning to the heart). Preload
Definition: How hard the heart has to work to pump blood to the body. Cardiac Workload
Definition: Amount of resistance in the aorta and peripheral tissues that the heart must overcome to pump effectively. Afterload
Definition: Dilation hypertrophy and changes in the shape of the heart, especially in HF. Heart less efficient the bigger it grows. Cardiac/Ventricular Remodeling
Created by: mreedy