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AP History Mid Term

Mid Term for American Government Text

Gitlow v. New York Incorporation: Supreme Court says the FIrst Amendment applys to states Gitlow, editor of paper was pushing for overthrow of govt
Palko v. Conneticut Incorporation: Supreme Court says that states must observe all fundamental liberties. Double Jeopardy Case. broke into a local music store killed two police officers and made his escape. He was captured a month later.
Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire "Fighting Words" are not protected by 1st ammendment Chap is Jhevoas witness and was preaching, he cursed the police
Colin v. Smith Nazi Party may march through Jewish neighborhood
Miller v. Cali Obscenity defined
New York Times v. Sullivan TO libel must be malice
Texas v. Johnson no law against flag burning
Engel v. Vitale no paryer in public school even nondenom
Everson v. Board of Ed Wall of Seperation govt & relg
lee v. weisman clergy cant lead prayer at graduation
lemon v Kurtzman three tests to see if govt is involved with religion
santa fe v. doe students cant lead prayer before school
Gideon v. Wainwright have right to attorney even if cant afford
mapp v ohio if evidence is acquire illegaly cant use in court
miran v arizona must give miranda rights to arrested
Plessy v Ferguson seperate but equal
brown v board of ed separate schools are inherently unequal
green v county school board new kent blacks & whites must ateend racially mixed schools banned freedom of choice plan
swan v. charlotte-mecklenburg BOE approved busing
Rostker v Goldbergq Congress can draft men and not women
Griswold v COnneticut right to privacy
Univ of Ca v. Bakke can set quotas
Richmond v. Croson affirmative action = strict scrutiny
Lawrence v Texas cant ban sex btw same sex partners
BSA v. Dale private organization can ban gays
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