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Exam 4

Part C- Short Answers & 5***** Star Slide Notes

1 of 3 results produced by the Complement system* C3b Opsonization (aka. marks pathogen as bad)
1 of 3 results produced by the Complement system* C3a + C5a Inflammation
1 of 3 results produced by the Complement system* C5b+C6+C7+C+C9 Cell lysis
Innate Immunity * First Line of Defense -Intact Skin -Mucus Membrane -Normal microbiota
Innate Immunity * Second Line of Defense -Phagocytes -Inflammation -Fever -Antimicrobial substances
Adaptive Immunity* Third line of defense -specialized lymphocytes; T & B cells -Antibodies
Describe the steps of phagocyosis -Identify the microbe -Attach & engulf it -Digest the microbe -Eliminate it by exoytosis (poops it out)
Name two ways in which a pathogen evades the host immune system -Killing phagocytes -Using host's iron
Advantage of herd immunity and what that means about vaccinations aka; Community Immunity; It provides a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune to a certain disease
Significance of a Low ID50 The dose of microbes required to produce a measurable infection in 50% of the tested population
Significance of a Low LD50 The lethal dose necessary to kill 50% of the population of tested microbes
Portals of entry -Broken skin -Insect bites -Ear -Nose -Mouth -Vagina/penis -Urethra -Anus
White Blood cells * Neutrophils Phagocytosis
White Blood cells * Basophiles Histamine
White Blood cells * Eospinophils Kill parasites
Red Blood Cells * Transport O2 & Co2
Monocytes * Phagocytosis
Dendritic Cells * Phagocytosis
Natural killer cells * Destroy target cells
T cells * Cell-mediated immunity
B cells * Produced antibodies
Platelets * Blood clotting
Humoral is based on* antibodies
Created by: arichardson_14