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Fossil Record and Geologic Time

What are trace fossils? naturally preserved evidence of organism activity
Describe the disturbing force of tilting. slanting of rock layers
What would scientists use to get the exact date of one of Earth's oldest rocks? Absolute date can be found by using Uranium-Lead method
Type of science that includes Uniformitarianism and Catasrophism. Modern Geology
The Geologic Time Scale is used for what? Divides Earth's history into manageable parts.
What is an index fossil? Fossils that lived for a relatively short geologic time period.
What can an index fossil tell a geologist? A relative date of surrounding rock layers.
What does Paleontology mean? Study of past life.
What occurs during Radioactive Decay? Unstable radioactive isotopes break down into stable isotopes of other elements.
If Marine fossils (fish like creatures) are found in North Dakota, what does that tell you about North Dakota? North Dakota had great seas or lakes at some time in history.
Unconformities are primarily caused by what? Erosion of sediment.
Term that describes the idea that geologic change happens rapidly. Catasrophism
In order to calculate the absolute age of a rock a scientist must know what? The rate of decay for a radioactive element within the rock.
What is the Law of Superposition? Idea that younger rock will lie over older rock unless disturbed.
In the Geologic Time Scale, what is the oldest segment called? Eon
In the Geologic Time Scale, what is the youngest segment called? Epoch
Term that describes the idea that geologic time processes are the same now as in the past and occur slowly over time. Uniformitarianism
The extinction of the dinosaurs can be linked to what eventual occurrence. Climate Change
Which process used to date rock occurs at a steady rate? Radiometric Decay
The process in which rock is dated by comparing it with other rock layers is called? Relative Dating
Paleontologists learn about what as the study fossils? How life has changed over time.
The Mesozoic Era ended with catastrophic change ending the age of dinosaurs, but what Era experienced the largest mass extinction? Paleozoic
How much of the Geologic Time Scale do Geologists study? 4.6 Billion years or all of it
When a Trilobite is buried by ocean sediment it would leave a cavity called what? Mold
The best way to describe the geologic column, which pieces together the rock layers of Earth would be to call it what? Ideal
If the mold of a Trilobite is filled with sediment and hardens it is called a what? Cast
What type of Unconformity has sediment lying over igneous (bedrock)? Nonconformity
What type of Unconformity has a missing sediment layer? Disconformity
What type of Unconformity has sediment lying over tilted layers? Angular Unconformity
List the four kinds of 'Disturbing Forces.' Tilting, Folding, Fault & Intrusion
The unstable radioactive material is called the what? Parent
The stable radioactive material is called the what? Daughter
What is a Half-life when discussing Radiometric Dating? The time it takes for 1/2 of a radioactive element to decay.
A break in the geologic record is a? Unconformity
What can the fossilized tracks of animals tell paleontologists? hight of dinosaur, speed of step, movement in herds
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