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English Vocab 39

Vocab Words

bete noire -a pet hatred, bugbear, something or someone especially disliked or feared. -since he teaches logic, it is natural that sloppy thinking is his bete noire.
canaille mob, rabble
savoir-faire a knowing what to do in any circumstances, a knack for always doing the right thing.
raison d'etre reason for existence, justification
coup a sudden and successful action, a quick and brilliant manuver or triumph.
coup d'etat a sudden overthrow or change of a government especially by a force.
coup de grace a final blow, the finishing stroke to kill a victim and so put him out of his misery.
laissez-faire noninterference, especially a public policy of economic non regulation.
denouement the unraveling of a plot, the end or outcome of a story.
contretemps a mildly unfortunate event, a mishap, a minor embarrassment or misunderstanding.
idee fixe an obsession, a fixed idea, a single notion which dominates a person's thinking.
canard a false story, an absurd lie or rumor, a hoax.
en masse all together, as one, in a body.
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