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Decker Biology B-1

Unit test 2 Evolution

a term for a group of similar organisms that can reproduce and produce fertile offspring. species
the difference in the physical traits of an individual from those of other individuals in a group variation
Over time, adaptations can led populations to experience genetic changes
What did Charles Darwin observe in finch populations on the Galapagos Islands off the coast of South America? different species on different islands
What did Charles Darwin learn from the fossils of a giant armadillo that he found in Argentina? modern animals may be related to fossilized organisms.
The development by scientists of a new color of a rose is the result of > artificial selection
In natural selection, the selective agent is the environment
All the rabbits living in a particular area would be an example of a population
A bird that can easily outcompete for food that can produce many eggs has a high fitness
Which of the following is an example of a vestigial structure the wings of an ostrich
What is suggested by the similarity of early embryos of different species of vertebrates evolution from a distant common ancestor
Some organisms that share a common ancestor have features that have different functions, but similar structures homologous structure
If an organism has a vestigial structure, that structure likely once had a function in a early ancestor
Two organisms that are closely related would have very similar DNA sequences
Evolution is considered to be one of the most important theories in science because it unites the fields of biology, geology, chemistry and ecology
Protein sequences in one organism that resemble those o another suggest a shared ancestry
What is the term for a feature that allows an organism to survive better in its environment adaptation
All the individuals of a species that live in a particular area are called a population
The remnant of a organ that had a function in an early ancestor is known as a vestigial structure
The hind leg bones shown in the whale are examples of vestigial structure
What is the process in which humans breed organisms for certain traits. artificial selection
The individuals that are adapted to their environment will survive and produce more offspring
Fossil evidence shows that structures considered vestigial in living organisms were useful in their ancestors.
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