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Exam 4

Vocabulary Part I

Pathogenesis The manner in which a disease develops
Competitive exclusion Growth of some microbes inhibits the growth of other microbes
Symbiosis Living together of two different organisms or populations
Probiotics Microbes inoculated into a host to occupy niche & prevent pathogen growth
Symptoms Change in body function felt by a patient as a result of disease
Signs Change due to disease that a person can observe & measure
Syndrome Specific group of signs/symptoms that accompany a disease
Communicability Spread from one host to another
Contagious Easily spread from one person to another
incidence Fraction of population that contracts disease during particular period of time
Prevalence Fraction of population having a "specific" disease at a given time
Sporadic Occurs occasionally in a population
Endemic Constantly present in a certain population
Pandemic Epidemic that occurs world-wide
Acute Rapid symptoms, short-lived
Chronic Slow development, continue/recurs for long periods of time
Latent Period of no symptoms/ pathogen inactive
Systemic Deep within/ Throughout body
Sepsis Presence of toxin/ Pathogenic organism in blood & tissue
Septicemia Proliferation of pathogens in blood, accompanied by fever/ Sometimes causes liver damage
Bacteremia Bacteria in blood
Toxemia toxins in blood
Viremia Viruses in blood
Primary Infection Acute infection that causes initial illness
Secondary Infection Infection caused opportunistic microbe after a primary infection has weaken defenses
Subclinical Infection Infection not causing notable illness (in-apparent)
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