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Quiz 6

Natural Selection and Evidence for Evolution

Which theory better explains how natural selection acts on anteater population over time? Explain why you made this choice. I say Theory B because Anteaters are meant to eat and balance the population of ants so they must have evolved to extend their tongues to reach ants and consume them for their survival.
What are the four principles of natural selection? Briefly describe each principle in your own words. The four principles of natural selection are Variation,Overproduction,Adaptation, and Descent with Modification.
Using the principles of natural selection explain how populations of bacteria evolve to become more resistant to antibiotics over time. I think by using the principles of natural selection, some ancestor animals could survive for a long period of time and long enough to be different through evolution.
How are fossils arranged to create a record of how species evolve over time? Give examples of some types of fossils and fossil records. Some can be surviving for a long period of time to live long enough to be studied that the certain species have been seen in fossils, like dinosaurs and the past species of humans.
What is the difference between homologous structure and Analogous structure? How do each of these provide evidence for the theory of evolution? the difference of animals can be seen through their body appearance and figure of their evolution.
Created by: teruodaka