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result clause 2

Fuit quondam in hac republica tanta virtus ut viri fortes civem perniciosum acrioribus poenis quam acerbissimum hostem reprimerent. such great virtue was once in this republic that brave men restrained a destructive citizen with greater punishment than their most bitter enemy.
fuit 3rd singular perfect, active, indicative. sum esse fui futurus
quondam once. quadom
hac f. ablative, singluar hic haec hoc. modifies republic
republica Ablative singular f. res publica rei publicae
tanta nominative singular feminine. tanus -a -um
virtus f. nominative singular virtus, virtutis, subject.
viri nominative m plural. vir viri
fortes nominative m plural. Fortis
civem accusative singular m. object. civis civis
perniciosum accusative singular m. modifies civem. -us -a -um
acrioribus ablitive, pl m. acrior, acrius (comperitive of acer, acris, acre) modifies poenis
poenis ablative pl. m. ablative of means. pona ponae
acerbissimum accusative singular masculine -us -a -um superlative modifying hostem
hostem accusative singular masculine hostis direct object.
reprimerent 3rd person, plural, imperfect, active, subjunctive reperimo, reprimere, repressi, repressus. result clause.
in in prep.
Created by: tomachuck