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4th Grade Science

4th Grade Science Ch.7-9

List the planets in order from the sun. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
First day of creation day and night
Second day of creation the atmosphere or firmament
Third day of creation dry land and plants
Fourth day of creation sun, moon, stars
Fifth day of creation birds and fish
Sixth day of creation land animals and man
heavenly body helps us divide our year into twelve months moon
name of the group of twelve important constellations zodiac
movement of the earth gives us a year revolution
movement of the earth gives us a day rotation
the reason we have seasons the earth is tilted on its axis
the numbers of hours in one day 24
the time it takes for the earth to travel around the sun 365 1/4 days
the galaxy in which our sun is located Milky Way
the part of our galaxy made up of our sun and the eight planets solar system
a star picture constellation
all the things which God created universe
the scientific study of the planets and stars astronomy
the red planet Mars
a planet with rings Saturn
the only planet with life Earth
the distance the sun is from the earth 93 million miles
reflect heat and light light-colored objects
what the sun is made of gases
is smaller than the sun and the earth moon
are found on the moon mountains
is part of the constellation called the Great Bear The Big Dipper
west is on your left facing the North Star
gravity keeps the planets circling the sun sun's
when the earth is directly between the sun and the moon we see a full moon
are holes on the surfacxe of the moon craters
planets revolve around the sun
determined the length of our week God
matter that settles to the bottom or sides of a body of water sediment
a slow-moving river of ice glacier
hot, liquid rock within the earth magma
the wise use of natural resources conservation
the decayed materials in soil humus
a solid layer of rock underneath the soil crust
the wearing away of the earth's topsoil erosion
- usually speckled with glittery crystals, - can be polished to make beautiful monuments and buildings, - hard, abundant igneous rock granite
- soft and often crushed to make brick - the most common sedimentary rock shale
- makes excellent blackboards - hard, smooth metamorphic rock slate
is an octopus a vertebrate or invertebrate invertebrate
a dolphin is a ? mammal
world's largest ocean Pacific Ocean
warmest ocean Indian Ocean
part of the land under the ocean where most fish live continental shelf
part of the land under the ocean which contains seamounts and volcanoes ocean floor
an invertebrate with many stinging tentacles is jellyfish
all marine mammals breathe air with their lungs
largest animal that has ever lived blue whale
largest fish whale shark
fish that swims back to the stream where it was born to lay its eggs salmon
Created by: vwalker5