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science quarter test

Wilson Hall 6th grade science 2nd quarter test info for Mrs.Wilson

What was the power source for the ISS ? it is battery powered and had fuel storage
What was the purpose for the ISS? 1. to understand and protect our home planet2. to explore the universe in search for life3. to inspire the next generation of explores
What was the budget for ISS? 2 billion dollars
What year did the ISS start? 1998
the crew members on ISS communicate with who? Houston and Moscow
What was the Soyuz?
what are cosmonauts russian astronauts
the new shuttle planned for NASA after 2010 and is smaller whithout large payload barwhat is the cev?
_____ and _______ are fluids liquid gases
more ______ air has more pressure dense
______ warms and cools faster than _________ land; water
______ air is dense and sinks cold
_____ air expands and holds more water vapor warm
______ air is more dense than ____ air cool;warm
air over ____ is moist water
air over ______ is dry land
energy is _____ heat
heat is _______ energy
movement creates _______ heat
_______ are in constant movement electrons
condensation needs a _____ _____ solid surface
_____ are associated with types of weather clouds
which is stronger- breeze or gale gale
______ occurs where cold air meets warm air wind
what are the 2 kinds of electricty static and current
travels in waves and has the characters of electricty and magnet electromagnetic energy
what is radiation? direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
____ and ____ have the longest wavelengths red;orange
_____ and ____ have the shortest wavelength blue;violet
ranks local winds beaufort scale
ranks the intensity of hurricanes Saffer- Simpson
ranks intesity of tornados Fijita scale
a method that scients us to produce rain by adding a solid surface in which water vapor can condensate cloud seeding
round pellets of ice hail
rain that freezes on a solid freezing rain
any form of water that falls from a cloud precipation
rain that falls threw freezing air sleet
water vapor in a cloud that are converted directly into ice crystals snow
frozen carbon dioxide dry ice
the amount of water vapor in the air humidity
doldrums 0 degreeze latitude
the west side windward
the dry side leeward
process of breathing respiration
give of vapor through pores transpiration
process when molecule of water vapor become liquid water codensation
tempature at which condensation begins dew point
ice that has been directly deposited on a cold surface frost
heap or mass cumulus
rain nimbo or nimbus
blanket or layered strato
H2O,CO2,and CH4 greenhouse gases
f - 30 divided by 2 Farenheit to Celcius
C times 2 +30 c to f
abot 10 kilometers above the earth's suface jet streams
measure of the equater 0 degreeze
measures wind speed anemometer
alabama to quabec, canada appalachian mountain system
north and south pole degreeze 90 degreeze
a wind that blows from an ocean onto land sea breeze
a wind that blows from land to a body of water land breeze
as the earth rotates it creates and bends global wind patterns Coriolis effect
winds that blow over short distances and change daily local windss
winds that blow countinously in the same direction and are created by an unequal heating global winds
the highest mountain in the appalachian mountain system Mount Mitchell
the total energy of motion thermal energy
in the stratosphere ozone
destroy plant and animal cells gamma rays
rate of repetition frequency
seperates the color of white light prism
a combination of all colors of the rainbow white light
display of color light spectrum
measured from one wave crest to another wavelength
lowert point on visible surface sea level
Created by: 4clara