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Lesson 24

anticipation an expectation or a looking forward to
assent to agree with a plan, opinion, or proposal
assent an agreement or consent
beseech to ask (someone) earnestly for something; to beg
candid honest and open
candid informal; not posed
despicable worthy of scorn; completely unworthy of respect
dowdy unattractive in appearance, due to being boring, overly plain, and unfashionable or being untidy and shabby
ebb to flow back toward the sea; said of the tide
ebb to become less; to weaken
egotist someone who has too high an opinion of himself or herself, is overly concerned with his or her interests, and tends to think and talk too much about himself or herself
empower to give power to; to make able to act
fanatic one who is overly and unreasonably enthusiastic about a belief; one who is carried away by devotion to something
ingenuity cleverness and originality
insubordinate refusing to follow orders of a person in authority
pertain to have a necessary relationship to; to have to do with what is being discussed
rebuff a clear refusal to accept assistance or advice that has been offered
rebuff to refuse without making an effort to be polite; to turn down coldly and bluntly
suave smooth and charming in manner; skillfully gracious
Created by: lizzyheartss