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AP Animal science

All species of poultry chicken, geese, chicken, duck, quail, pheasant, pigeons, ostriches, turkeys. ect.
raised for? meat, eggs, feathers, livers, entertainment, work
birds don't produce sweat, what do they use? oil on the back of the tail
skin types scales of the shanks and toes comp and wattles beak
where is food stored? crop
koilin tough layer to protect muscles in gizzard
cecum/ceca break down carbs and grasses
cloaca storage for urine and feces
carinate bird has a keel
male chromosomes zz
female chromosomes zw
infundbulum fertilization
magnum albumen is added
isthmus shell membranes are formed
uterus longest. 20 hours
bloom fill pores of the shell
most popular chicken breed single comb white leghorn
rapid feathering female
slow feathering male
incubation period 21 days
tempeture for incubation 100 degrees (rotation) 102 degrees (still)
uallity characteristics cleanliness egg shape shell texture shell thickness
where most meat is produced vertically integrated companies
Cornish hens 4 weeks 2.85lbs
fast food 6 weeks 4.1lbs
grocery stores 7.5 weeks 6lbs
deboned chicken 8.5 weeks 6.5lbs
foie gras liver fat
Created by: youshimvp