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Phil of Sci

History and Philosophy of Science Final

Who was the geologist/seminary professor who was a staunch defender of Darwinism early in his life, but later rejected it? George Wright
The greatest all-time physicist who laid a trans-Atlantic cable. Lord Kelvin
Who believed that God created the earth as a molten ball of iron and then calculated how long it would take for it to cool down? Lord Kelvin
The laws of thermodynamics is attributed to...? Lord Kelvin
What scientist was known for his extemporaneous prayer? James Maxwell
To whom to we owe our whole conception of reality? James Maxwell
Founder of oceanography. Matthew Maury
Who is the father of modern chemistry? Robert Boyle
Who founded the Royal Society and the Scientific Method? Robert Boyle
William Bryan was known as what? The Great Commoner
Who was the Grand Old Man of Fundamentalism? William Riley
The Fundamentals was written by...? R.A. Torrey
What was written in response to modernism and liberal theology? The Fundamentals
Which scientist calculated the date of Creation? Johann Kepler
Jansenism Pascal
Which scientist showed signs of a conversion: Pascal or Newton? Pascal
Arianism Newton
Denied the Diety of Christ and clung to a more primitive form of Christianity. Newton
Who promoted science education is public schools? Michael Faraday
Who believed in the Divine unity of Nature? Michael Faraday
Name the three giants of the 19th century. Faraday Maxwell Einstein
The three greatest scientists of all time were... Newton Einstein Maxwell
Harry Rimmer is known for what? Creation Science
Who is said to have been the "most innovative and influential defender of the special creation in the 1920s"? George Price
Created by: daltonsarahe