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Veterinary Cardiovascular

Positive inotropic general Increase cardiac output by increasing the strength of contractions, increase contractility
digoxin elixer has higher bioavailability, +ionotrope, not commonly used anymore, SE: GI upset, arrythmias (esp, if already hypokalemic)
Epinephrine + ionotrope, used in emergency, sympathiomimetic, used in CPR, IV ONLY
Dopamine +ionotrope, CPR, IV ONLY
Dobutamine +ionotrope, sympathiomimetic, use in CPR, IV ONLY
Pimobendan Vetmedin, +ionotrope, vasodilator
Quinidine Antiarrythmic, used in atrial fibrillation/VPC SE: GI upset, weakness, hypotension, horses (urticaria)
Procainamide Antiarrythmic, atrial fibrillation/VPC's SE: GI upset, weakness, hypotension
Lidocaine Antiarrythmic, 1st pass, no EPI (use neat!!), VPC's, cats are sensitive to lidocaine, SE: drowsy, seizures, ataxia, tremors, GI upset
Tocainide Antiarrythmic, same as lidocaine
Propranolol Antiarrythmic, beta blocker, treats atrial and ventricular tachyarrthymia and decreased blood pressure, SE: depression, hypotension, bronchoconstriction
Verapamil/Diltiazem Antiarrythmic, negative chronotrope to treat atria tacyarrhythmias, SE: bradycardia, hypotension, depression, pulmonary edema, constipation
Atropine Antiarrythmic, positive chronotrope, blocks parasympathetic system, regulates HR, speeds HR up
Hydralazine Arteriolar dilator SE: increased HR, hypotension, Na/H2O retention if not given concurrently with a diuretic, GI upset
Nitroglycerin Venodilator, Topical ointment, SE: rash at site, hypotension, headaches in people (animals?), wear gloves when using, rub it in in ear/groin/axilla, rotate sites to decrease the possibilities of a rash
Captropril ACE inhibitor
ACE inhibitors in General Cause both vasodilation and decreased Na and H2O retention, SE: hypotension, hyperkalemia (careful with K sparing diuretics), excretion: captopril and enalapril 95% by kidneys, benazepril 50:50 liver:kidney, decrease pre and after load
Enalapril Enacard
Benazepril Fortekor
Cardiovascular drugs in general Low TI, liver and kidney function required, many drug interactions, SE commonly due to toxicity
Created by: jtwilks