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Why does ice melt PO * The thermal energy of the air transfers to the ice causing temperatures to rise particles are moving faster causing melting of ice into water
Why does ice melt PT Thermal energy moves from warmer to colder increases motion of particles of the cooler object until both of chips of the same temperature
Heat The transfer of thermal energy from warmer objects to cooler ones
Conduction The transfer of thermal energy that results from collision of part two calls via physical contact ;hotter to cooler p
Convection Transfer through energy via a fluid or gas Derives from a term that means to carry Change is the density of particles of a fluid and current develops
Radiation Transfer of thermal energy as waves or currents in the air two objects must connect EX the sun in skin on beach
Insulation Comes from the Latin word meaning to insula; island this is the idea that an island and more insulated substances that conduct thermal energypoorly
Insulation PT Insulation prevents warmer inside air from trying to get to colder outside air
Insulation P3 Insulation prevents warmer outside air from trying to get inside the house
Static energy one Is a great derivative static means standing
Static energy two Static means without motion or at rest
Static energy three Therefore static electricity is electricity that is standing or does not move all the time
Static energy four It's temporary and unpredictable
Static energy five Science definition the electric charge builds up on an object that has gained or lost protons
Static energy six When static electricity is producing negative chart movement this is because electrons are on the outside of an atom
Static energy seven The direction of static electricity is always from negative surface to a positive surface because only negative charges have the ability to move
Why are dryer sheets important Clothes that cling have opposite charges that sheets prevent the buildup of negative charges on clothes
Circuit A continuous path through which electric charge flows
Series circuit A series in which there is only one path for the current to flow
Parallel circuit A circuit in which there is more than one path for the current to flow
Electromagnetic A temporary magnet that is made by passing on electric current through a coil of wire that surrounds an iron core
Sequence of a lightbulb step one Flip a switch
Step two Wires touch
Step three Charge flows from wires to bulb
Step four Charge flows through filament in bulb
Step five Filament grows
Step six The flow of charge must go back to switch there another internal wire
Created by: Mpup03