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Ch. 15 Evolution

PART 1 (All the stuff I don't believe but I have to study)

What have different shapes because their number and sequence of amino acids varies? proteins
During Darwin's time, how old did people think the earth was? a few thousand
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection, organisms best suited to their environment survive and what? reproduce
What is another name for selective breeding? Artificial Selection
Organisms of the same species who natural what? variation
What was the name of Darwin's book? On the Origin of species
What are the reactants o respiration? sugar and oxygen
What percentage of human sperm cells carry the X chromosome? 50%
Which organelle is found in plans but not animal cells? chloroplasts
Name the three parts of a DNA nucleotide. Nitrogen bases, phosphate groups, and deoxyribose sugar
Which of Mendel's laws is proven by a dihybrid cross/ independent assortment
What is the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce known as? fitness
Which organelle turns food into compounds used for growth, development, and reproduction? mitochondrion
what is the purpose of gel electrophoresis? to separate DNA
Given the following genotype what combination can be found in the gametes: BBRr? BR, Br
How many variables are tested in controlled experiments? one
What is produced from meiosis? 4 different haploid gametes
Which part of Darwin's theory was supported by the similarities of physical characteristics of the finches? Descent with Modification
Which base differs in RNA compared to DNA? uracil
If I increase the amount of light, the plant wil lgrow faster. This is an example of what? hypothesis
Which part of the cell regulates which materials enter and leave? cell membrane
What is a physical or behavioral characteristic that better enables and organism to survive called? adaptation
Who is the main evolution scientist? Darwin
According to the evolution scientist, species change through the process of what? natural selection
What do enzymes do to chemical reactions? speed up
what is the ultimate source of genetic variation mutations
The same kinds of cells that grow in similar patterns in different but related organisms are called what? homologous structures
Why does polypploidy produce a new species? the number of chromosomes differ.
From scientific experients we may revise or replace these when proven incorrect. What are we referring to? theory
Created by: 3j0mk1