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Bk 2 Vocab #7

Latin 4H/5AP

effundo, effundere to pour out
exuviae, arum spoils, booty
fletus, us weeping, tears, lament
incipio, incipere to begin, undertake
lorum, i thong, leather strap, rein
maestus, a, um sad, mournful, gloomy
muto, mutare to change, transform, alter
pulvis, pulveris dust
serpo, serpere to creep (in), crawl
traicio, traicere to throw across, pierce
tumeo, tumere to swell, be swollen
concreatus, a, um grown together, hardened, matted
crinis, is hair, locks, tresses
fleo, flere to weep, lament
foedo, foedere to defile, befoul, mar, mangle
iaculor, iaculari to hurl, throw, fling
squaleo, squalere to be rough, filthy
ultro voluntary, further
vulnus, vulneris wound, deadly blow
vultus, us countenance, face, aspeck
Created by: hflmagistra