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Ecce Romani Chap.30

Ecce Romani Chapter 30 Vocabulary Cards

Fenestra Window
Incola Resident or native
Insula Island or apartment building
Dubium Doubt
Incendium Fire
Ornamenta Decorations
Spectaculum Sight or spectacle
Tablatum Floor
Infants Infant, young child
Vis Might
Paries Wall
Parvus Small
Obscurare To hide
Commovere To move
Quaerere To seek
Opprimere To crush or overwhelm
Efferre To carry out
Tam So
Paene Almost
Ac And
Populares Popular reformers of the late republic
Optimates Established leaders
Gracchi Brothers Land reformers, Tiberius-murdered, Gaius- suicide
Gaius Marius New man, 7 time consul, beat Jugurtha
Lucius Cornelius Sulla Consul in 88 B.C. Defeated Spartacus and brought back rule of the Optimates and dictator
Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, friend of Cicero, suppressed pirates, Mithidates
Spartacus Led a slave revolt, defeated by ML Crassus
Created by: 18barkea