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Bk 2 Vocab #5

Latin 4H/5AP

hasta, ae spear, dart, lance
insinuo, insinuere to wind, creep, coil
intorqueo, intorquere to hurl (against)
laedo, laedere to strike, hurt, offend
lapsus, us gliding, rolling, shaking
mereo, merere to deserve, merit, earn
pando, pandere to spread open, loosen
pavor, pavoris terror, shuddering, alarm
robur, roboris oak; strength
rota, ae wheel
sceleratus, a, um criminal, wicked
scelus, sceleris crime, impiety, sin
simulacrum, i image, statue, likeness
stuppeus, a, um flax, hemp (used for rope)
subicio, subicere to place under
tremefacio, tremefacere to make tremble, appall, alarm
vero truly, indeed, but
vinculum, i chain, bond, cable
cano, canere to sing (of), chant
contingo, contingere to touch, befall
Created by: hflmagistra