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Pharm (Test 2)

What are the receptor affinities for flumazenil? benzo antagonist on GABA receptor, weak agonist effect
What is 1 indication for the use of flumazenil? reverse benzo-induced respiratory depression
What is a dangerous side effect of flumazenil? withdrawal seizures in pt on seizure treatment
True or False: Pts given flumazenil are likely to experience acute anxiety, stress response, HTN, tachycardia. False
What is an initial dose of flumazenil? 0.2 mg IV, additional 0.1 mg IV q 60 sec (up to 1 mg total)
What is the maximum total dose of flumazenil? 1 mg
What dose of flumazenil should be given to decrease benzo-induced sedation? 0.3-0.6 mg
What dose of flumazenil should be given to totally abolish a benzo effect? 0.5-1 mg
What is the onset of flumazenil? 2 min
What is the duration of flumazenil? 30-60min
Which pts should be given flumazenil with extreme caution? seizure disorder
What is the receptor affinity for narcan? opioid antagonist for opioid receptors
What are some indications for the use of narcan? opioid overdose, post-op resp. depression, neonatal resp. depression, adverse side effects of spinal and epidural opioids
What are some side effects of narcan? acute pulmonary edema, sympathetic stim., tachycardia, ventricular irritability, HTN, N/V, return of airway reflexes
What is the adult dose of narcan? 0.5-1mcg/kg q 3-5 min
What is the neonatal dose of narcan? 10mcg/kg q 2 min
What is the onset of narcan? 1-3 min
What is the duration of narcan? 30-45 min
Where is narcan metabolized? liver
What patients should be given narcan with caution? neonates (can cause withdrawl with given to mothers), opioid-dependent patients, critically ill, CAD, preexisting lung disease, CHF, cardiac surgery
True or False: If titrated properly, the ventilator depression cause by opioids can be reversed w/o weakening analgesia/ True
What is the mechanism of action of doxapram? CNS stimulant; stimulates hypoxic drive via activation of chemoreceptors in carotid bodies (1mg/kg = PaO2 of 38mmHg)
What part of minute ventilation does doxapram influence? tidal volume (small inc. in RR)
What are 2 indications for the use of doxapram? COPD pts who need supplemental O2, resp. depression and CNS depression due to drugs
What are some side effects of doxapram? mental status changes (confusion, dizziness, seizures @ 20-40X dose, inc. sympathetic outflow, vomiting, inc. body temp, inc. O2 consumption, wheezing, tachypnea, HTN, tachycardia, dysrhythmias
What is the dose of doxapram? 0.5-1mg/kg (max=4 mg/kg)
What is the onset of doxapram? 1 min
What is the duration of doxapram? 5-10min
Where is doxapram metabolized? liver
What pts should be given doxapram with caution? seizure pts, cerebrovascular dis., acute head injury, CAD, HTN, asthma, halothane
Which reversal agent also has agonist effects? flumazenil
Which reversal agent can cause acute pulmonary edema? narcan
Which reversal agent should not be given to pts w/ seizure disorders? flumazenil
Which reversal agent can cause tachycardia, HTN, and ventricular irritability? narcan
Which reversal agent can cause N/V? narcan
Which reversal agent should be diluted before administration? narcan