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Biology Practice

Test questions

To show evolutionary relationships, taxonomists do not use what? Analogous structures in young people
It became clear that Linnaeus's two kingdoms could not be used to classify all organisms after the discovery of? Microorganisms
An organism whose separate cells are not divided by complete cell walls is in the kingdom? Fungi
An organism that lacks mitochondria and reproduces by binary fission is a (an)? Moneran
From fossil evidence, scientists believe that the earliest life forms on earth were? Prokaryotes
The taxon that includes all others is? Chordata
Not all members of the genus Felis have similar..? Body sizes
The unifying biological principle in modern classification systems is? Evolutionary theory
Carnivores are? Meat eaters
If a one-celled organism contains membrane-enclosed organelles, it must be a (an)? Protist
The only taxon with a clear biological identity is the..? Species
Cats, dogs, and lions are in the..? Order carnivora
In classifying organisms, orders are grouped into? Classes
Solely from it's name you know the Rhizopus niqricans must be? In the species niqricans
The third smallest taxon in the Linnaeus system of classification is the? Family
The double-naming system introduced by Linnaeus is? Known as binomial nomenclature
Any good classification system does not? Use different scientific names for the same organism
A moneran contains a? Cell membrane
In the present system of taxonomy, the least clear-cut division of kingdoms is between the..? Protists and multicellular kingdoms
A eukaryotic organism that has a cell wall that lacks cellulose is a (an)? Fungus
The two organisms whose DNA and RNA are most similar in structure are..? Humans and chimpanzees
An animal that is warmblooded, has hair, and produces milk for its young must be in the? Class Mammalia
Unlike a plant, a plantlike protist..? is unicellular
The smallest taxon is? Species
The scientific name for humans is written..? Homo sapiens (underlined or italicized)
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