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Courts Service L 2

A Mock Trial in Action

What does the term "acquittal" mean? The term used when an accused is found innocent of the charges against him/her.
What does the term "adjournment" mean? The term used when a case has been postponed to a future date.
What is the "Book of Evidence"? The set of documents which must by law be served upon the accused before his/her trial. It includes the indictment, witness statements, and exhibits (physical evidence) to be produced in court.
What does the term "Cross-examination" mean? This is the questioning of a witness by counsel for the other party in a trial which takes place after the “examination-in-chief”. The main purpose of cross-examination is to test the credibility of the witness and to assist either counsel.
What does "defence" mean? This word is used in a number of related ways. The defence (counsel for the accused); to enter a defence (evidence and legal arguments in a case); the defences open to the accused (for example, self defence and provocation).
What does testify mean? A person “testifies” when they give oral evidence about what they saw, heard or experienced under oath in court.
What is evidence? Testimony from witnesses as well as physical evidence (exhibits).
What does Examination-in-chief mean? Evidence given in court by a witness when questioned by the barrister for the party who called him/her to testify.
What is a leading question? It is a question which, “either through form or substance of the interrogation, instructs a witness, or puts words in the witness’s mouth to be echoed back, or one which suggests to a witness the answer desired”.
What does Cross-examination mean? Evidence given by a witness in court when questioned by the barrister for the party who did not call him/her to testify.
Explain the term Hearsay? This is a statement, other than one made by the witness while testifying at the trial, offered in evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted. Witnesses are not permitted to say what others saw, said heard etc. in giving evidence.
What does "finding of fact" mean? This refers to the determination of what evidence and testimony is believable and what is not. In a criminal trial with judge and jury findings of fact are made by the jury.
Created by: SkelLySP