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ConstellationEnglish Name
Canis Minor Little Dog
Taurus Bull
Virgo Maiden - Virgin
Cetus Whale
Cygnus Swan
Lepus Rabbit
Leo Lion
Orion Hunter
Gemini Twins
Cepheus King
Andromeda Princess
Ursa Minor Little Bear
Auriga Goat Keeper (Charioteer)
Canis Major Big Dog
Aquila Eagle
Ursa Major Big Bear
Pisces Fish
Draco Dragon
Pleiades Seven Sisters
Cassiopeia Queen
Aries Ram
Pegasus Flying Horse
Autlia Air Pump
Apus Bird of Paradise
Aquarius Water Carrier
Ara Altar
Bootes Herdsman
Caelum Chisel
Camelopardalis Giraffe
Cancer Crab
Canes Venatici Hunting Dogs
Capricornus Goat fish
Carina Keel
Centaurus Centaur
Circinus Drafting Compass
Columba Dove
Coma Berenices Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis Southern Crown
Corona Borealis Northern Crown
Corvus Crow
Crater Goblet
Crux Southern Cross
Delphinus Dolphin
Dorado Goldfish
Equuleus Little Horse
Eridanus River
Fornax Furnance
Grus Crane
Horologium Penduium Clock
Hydra Water Serpent
Hydrus Lesser Water Serpent
Indus Indain
Lacerta Lizard
Leo Minor Lesser Lion
Libra Scales
Lupus Wolf
Lyra Lyre
Mensa Table Mountain
Microscopium Microscope
Monoceros Unicorn
Musca Fly
Norma Level
Octans Octant
Ophiuchus Serpent Holder
Pictor Painter's Easel
Piscis Austrinus Southern Fish
Puppis Stern
Pyxis Compass
Phoenix Phoenix
Reticulum Reticle
Sagitta Arrow
Sagittarius Archer
Scorpius Scorpion
Sculptor Sculptor
Scutum Shield
Serpene Serpent
Telescopium Telescope
Triangulum Triangle
Triangulum Australi Southern Triangle
Tucana Toucan
Vela Sails
Volans Flying Fish
Vulpecula Fox
Created by: cstoner