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CBET Texas

The PH of blood is ? Slightly Alkaline
The Thyroid Gland is located ? The front of the neck
Systole occurs when ? The Ventricles depolarize
What is the typical expected blood volume of a normal adult ? 6.0 Liters
AAMI Standard Lead 3 is ? Red and Black Leads
The T Wave represents ? The repolarization of the Ventricles
Normal placement of a catheter for IBP is ? The tip level with the transducer
The plane that divides the superior and inferior halves of the body is ? Transverse Plane
The adrenal glands are located ? Superior to the Kidneys
Normal body temperature is ? 37 degrees Celsius
1000 mm (1 meter) equals ? 39.3 inches
240cc equals ? 240ml
The radius bone is located in ? The forearm
The wall that divides the right and left side of the heart is called ? Septum
What is the name of the one-way valve that connects the right atrium to the right ventricle ? Tricuspid Valve
What is the only vein in the body that carries oxygenated blood ? Pulmonary Vein
Which of these has the highest pressure ? ABP
What is a Myocardial Infraction ? Restriction or Closure of the Coronary Arteries
What type of gas is used in an intra-aortic balloon pump ? Helium
What does an intra-aortic balloon pump do ? Helps blood flow from the Left Ventricle to Coronary Arteries
What does a balloon pump, and a defibrillator use in synch mode to trigger off of ? The R Wave
If you have a low gas alarm on an intra-aortic balloon pump what should you check first ? The catheter for blood
What is a PH of 4 ? Acidic
A blood PH of 7.4 is ? Normal
When the kidneys fail and the patient needs dialysis, the blood PH would be ? Metabolic Acidosis
What does Oxygen attach to in the body ? Hemoglobin
If the tip of a catheter is lower than the transducer, then the blood pressure will read ? Too Low
Cardiac output is normally measured in ? Liters per minute
What does a cardiac output waveform look like ? A bell shaped curve
What happens when a cell is depolarized ? Negatively charged potassium ions rush out, and positively charged sodium ions rush into the cell.
What is used to get rid of abnormal electrophysiological impulses in the heart ? Cardiac ablation
If the SA node fails (the hearts natural pacemaker) what escapes rhythm takes over first ? Atria-ventricular node rhythm
What cardiac rhythm is a defibrillator set to cardio version synch mode for ? Atrial Fibrillation
What cardiac rhythm would use the defibrillation (non-synch) mode on a defibrillator ? Ventricular Fibrillation
Coronal Plane divides ? the body into frontal and rear plane
Sagital Plane divides ? the body into Left and Right plane
Transverse Plane divides ? the body into upper and lower plane
Respiratory System main Function ? delivery of air to the Lungs
Respiration includes four processes ? Pulmonary Ventilation, External Respiration, Gas Transport, Internal Respiration
Oxygen poor blood travels back to the heart and is delivered into the ? right atrium by two large Veins
The heart pumps Oxygen rich blood from the ? left ventricle into arteries and then into capillaries
These are the only arteries in the body that carry Oxygen poor blood ? Right ventricle pumps oxygen poor blood into arteries that lead to the lungs
Regarding the upkeep of medical ventilators, which of the following statements is MOST accurate? Biomedical equipment technicians are responsible only for the maintenance of the units
A flow cytometer is providing a weak fluorescence intensity. This could be due to which of the following problems ? The primary antibody and the secondary antibody are not compatible
A suspected problem with the thermal head of an electrocardiograph might be checked by performing which of the following procedures ? Printing out the letters "H" and "X" repeatedly
An electrocardiograph is malfunctioning. The power LED and the LCD backlight both are on, but there is no LCD display. Which of the following might be the cause of these observations? A problem in a cable connection to the ECG control board A defective LCD, A defective ECG control board
Advantages of biphasic waveform defibrillation over the Lown-type waveform that was used up until the late 1980s include which of the following? A reduction in the energy needed for successful defibrillation
The normal range for pH in arterial blood is ? 7.35 to 7.45
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