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7th grade

DNA Study Stack

What does DNA do? Stores and transmits genetic information to the cell
DNA is composed of _________ Nucleotides
Nucleotides are composed of three parts: ____, _____, and _____. 1. deoxyribose (sugar) 2. phosphate group (P) 3. nitrogen-containing base
The four nitrogen-containing bases for DNA are: 1. Adenine (A) 2. Guanine (G) 3. Cytosine (C) 4. Thymine (T)
Adenine pairs with _________. Thymine
Cytosine pairs with ___________. Guanine
Who built the first DNA model? Watson and Crick
______ are the building blocks and repair parts of the cell. Proteins
Ribosomes are made in the __________. nucleolus
Where is the DNA in the cell? In the nucleus
Females have ________ chromosomes. XX
Males have _______ chromosomes. XY
What is the complementary DNA strand for: A-C-T-G-C-T-A T-G-A-C-G-A-T
A ___________ is any change to a gene code. mutation
A __________ is the shape of a DNA strand. double helix
The sides of the DNA are made of _________ and ________. phosphate and deoxyribose
What are the rungs of a DNA strand made of? bases
______________ ______________ is when humans pick mates for their offspring. selective breeding
When you build and design gene codes you are performing _____________________. genetic engineering
Making a copy of an organism is called __________. cloning
Created by: Mrs. Corey