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Courts Service L1

Criminal Trial: Who's Who in the Courtroom

What is the role of the judge? He/she is in charge of court proceedings and decides any legal issues arsing in the case.If the case does not involve a jury they also decide questions of fact such as the guilt or innocence of the accused in a criminal case.
What is the role of the registrar? This person records any orders made by the judge. They also swear in the jury and administer the oath or affirmation to witnesses.
What is the role of the jury in a criminal trial? They listen carefully to evidence presented in court and determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. They deliberate in private to reach a verdict.
What is the role of the judicial assistant? He/she works with the judge. They undertake legal research for the judge and announce his/her arrival to and departure from the courtroom.
What is the role of the barrister? This person argues his/her clients case. They state the relevant law and examine any witnesses on the evidence they give in court.
What is the role of the solicitor? This person works with barrister whom he/she hires and the client in preparing the case and gathering evidence. He/she instructs the barrister during the course of the case.
What is the role of the prison officer? This person sits with the accused if he/she is in custody.
Who is the accused? This person comes before the court accused of a crime. If he/she is in custody they sit in the dock.
Who is the accused? A person who has been charged with committing a particular offence in a criminal trial.
What does "offence" mean? The word used to describe a crime that has been committed.
What is an "indictment"? The word used to describe a crime that has been committed.
What does "plea" mean? This is when the accused person tells the court whether he/she is guilty or not guilty.
What does the phrase "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean? For an accused to be found guilty the evidence presented to the jury must establish that there is no reasonable explanation other than the accused committed the crime for which he/she is being tried.
What does the phrase "onus of proof" mean? The burden to prove. In a criminal case the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
What do the letters "DPP" stand for? Director of Public Prosecution.
What does the term acquittal mean? It is the term used when an accused is found innocent of the charges against him/her.
A jury consists of? 12 citizens selected randomly from the electoral register to sit as “finders of fact” in certain trials.
What does sentence mean? This is the penalty or punishment imposed by the judge after a person has been found guilty.
Created by: SkelLySP
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