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Which opioid?

Pharm (Test 2)

Which opioid isn't taken up by the lungs in first pass? morphine
Which opioid causes an increase in HR? meperidine
Which opioid can be used to treat post-op shivering? meperidine
What is the most potent opioid currently available? sufentanil
Which opioid is the best drug of choice for a single, brief stimulus? alfentanil
Which opioids are the best drugs of choice of a retrobulbar block? alfentanil and remifentanil
Which opioid can be given during liver transplant during phase when pt has no liver? remifentanil
Which opioid's context sensitive half-time is independent of length of infusion? remifentanil
Which opioid has a rapid equilibration that allows for titration almost like a vaporizer? remifentanil
Which opioid of the fentanyl class has the smallest volume of distribution? remifentanil
Which opioid was discovered during search for synthetic atropine? meperidine
Which opioid is a naturally occurring derivative from the poppy plant? morphine
Which 2 opioids cause histamine displacement? morphine and meperidine
Which opioid can cause an inc. in ICP, even w/ unchanged PaCO2? fentanyl
Which opioid can cause myoclonus? fentanyl
A dose of 30mcg/kg of which opioid can cause a change in SSEP? fentanyl
Which opioid has a greater analgesic potency in women than men? morphine
80% of this opioid leaves the plasma in <5 min. fentanyl
Pre-induction dose of this opioid may cause apnea w/o loss of consciousness. sufentanil
Only <0.1% of the administered dose of this opioid enters the CNS at peak plasma cntn. morphine
Doses of >2mg/kg of this opioid can cause myocardial drpression. meperidine
Which opioid sensitizes the labyrinth apparatus, resulting in dizziness and PONV? meperidine
Which opioid is a poor cough suppressant? meperidine
Which opioid has better oral absorption than morphine? meperidine
Which opioid, when given with MAOI's, may cause serotonin syndrome? meperidine
Which opioid was designed for anesthesia? fentanyl
Which opioid is highly linked to renarcotization? fentanyl
Which opioid has prolonged duration in pts undergoing abdominal aortic surgery involving infrarenal aortic cross-clamping? fentanyl
Which opioid can cause reflex coughing? fentanyl
Which opioid requires d/c'ing the infusion 30-45 min prior to emergence? sufentanil
30mcg/kg of this opioid provides maximal blunting for laryngoscopy. alfentanil
Which opioid produces more euphoria than fentanyl? alfentanil
96% of this opioid is cleared w/in 60 min of administration. alfentanil
Which opioid requires d/c'ing the infustion 15-25 min prior to emergence? alfentanil
15mcg/kg of this opioid blunts SBP and HR response to laryngoscopy. alfentanil
30mcg/kg of this opioid blunt catecholamine response to laryngoscopy. alfentanil
Which opioid has a lower incidence of PONV than the other fentanyl class opioids? alfentanil
99.8% of this opioid is eliminated during distribution. remifentanil
Which opioid has a context-sensitive half time of 4 min? remifentanil
Which opioid produces a 30% dec. in SBP 2 min after administration? remifentanil
Which drug is the drug of choice for pts having a craniotomy or carotid endarterectomy? remifentanil
Which opioid has less euphoria than the other opioids? hydromorphone
Which opioid is commonly used in terminally ill pts? hydromorphone
Only 10% of this opioid is in ionized form at physiologic pH. alfentanil
Is it difficult to diagnose an overdose of this opioid b/c the BP at the minimum effective dose and the BP at 5X that dose are the same. sufentanil
Which opioid has 60% uptake by the lungs during first-pass? sufentanil
5-8mcg/kg of this opioid dependably blunts the sympathetic response of laryngoscopy. fentanyl
Metabolism of this opioid has great patient variability d/t P-450 and CYP3A enzyme variability. alfentanil
Hypothermia slows clearance of this opioid by 20%. remifentanil
Which opioid is ideal for quick neuro assessments post-op for craniotomy and carotid endarterectomy procedures? remifentanil
Which 2 opioids cause direct relaxation of aortic smooth muscle? sufentanil and alfentanil
Which 2 opioids have cardiac protective effect to reduce the size of an MI when administered prior to occlusion of coronary artery? morphine and remifentanil
Which 2 opioids should be avoided in pts with renal dysfunction? morphine and meperidine (d/t active metabolites)
What are 2 different treatments for post-op shivering? Demerol and stadol
What are 2 ways to treat neuraxial opioid-induced pruritis? nubain and narcan