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Cell Process/ Energy

Living things need __________ to carry out life functions. Energy
Animals get their energy from _______________. From the food they eat.
Plants get their energy from ________________. From the food they produce.
This is why plants are placed near windows. So they have access to light.
Plants need these things to make food. Carbon dioxide, water, and light.
List all the reactants in the photosynthesis equation. Carbon dioxide, water, and light
Which of the reactants in photosynthesis is the most important? None. They are all equally important and necessary for photosynthesis to occur.
When people give plants food, they are actually giving them what? Fertilizer
The process by which a cell captures sunlight and uses it to make food. Photosynthesis.
Energy is obtained ________________ by consumers. Indirectly.
Energy is obtained ________________ by producers. Directly.
During photosynthesis, plants _________________ energy from the sun. Absorb.
The products of photosynthesis are Glucose and Oxygen.
The arrow in a chemical reaction means produces, or yields.
Photosynthesis primarily occurs in this part of the plant. Leaf.
Plants can perform photosynthesis while animals cannot; due to this organelle. chloroplast.
Colored chemical compounds that absorb light are pigments.
The main pigment for photosynthesis in in chloroplasts is Chlorophyll
Energy from sunlight is captured, and water in chloroplasts are split into oxygen and hydrogen, in this stage of photosynthesis Stage 1.
Sugars are produced from cells in this stage of photosynthesis. Stage 2.
Carbon dioxide enters plant cells through Stoma.
Stacks of disk like structures found in chloroplasts Thylakoid.
The correct equation for photosynthesis is 6 CO2 + 6H2O +light produces C6H12O6 + O2
Plants produce _____________ for humans. Oxygen.
One sugar produced by photosynthesis is Glucose.
_____________ was used to indicate that photosynthesis occured BTB or Bromothymol Blue
__________made BTB turn yellow or green. Carbon Dioxide
The most common sugar in foods is Glucose.
The process by which cells obtain energy from glucose. Cellular respiration.
The reactants of cellular respiration are Glucose and Oxygen.
The cells of all living things carry out cellular respiration _______________. continuously
Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis are processes that are __________________________ of each other. opposites.
4 ATP are released in this stage cellular respiration. Stage 1.
This stage of cellular respiration uses more oxygen. Stage 2.
32 ATP are released in this stage of cellular respiration. Stage 2.
Stage 1 of Cellular respiration takes place in the cytoplasm.
Stage 2 of cellular respiration takes place in the ________________ often known as the powerhouses of the cell. Mitochondria.
Cellular respiration releases energy from food.
Cellular respiration uses oxygen you get from breathing.
The raw materials needed for cellular respiration are the products of photosynthesis
Two processes to provide energy for an animal are Cellular respiration and fermentation.
An energy releasing process that does not require oxygen Fermentation.
Producing energy with oxygen is aerobic respiration
Producing energy without oxygen is fermentation.
This type of fermentation produces carbon dioxide from yeast Alcoholic.
This type of fermentation produces energy without oxygen lactic acid.
This makes your muscles feel sore due to lack of oxygen. Lactic acid.
plant cells release energy for function by way of cellular respiration true
A walker would get its energy by way of cellular respiration.
A marathon runner making a strong push to the finish line would get its energy by way of fermentation.
Created by: gcowing