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Latin Vocab.

culina kitchen
ego I
iterum again
-bat was …ing
-bant were ….ing
-ne question particle
propre near
saepe often
ianua door
hodie today
senex old man
ancilla slave girl
fur thief
nubes clouds
mirabilis extrodinary / strange
cum with
ubi where
cur? why?
vinum wine
cena meal
e / ex from
eam her
ecce ! look !
dies / diem day
fabula play / story
facile easy
fortis brave
fortissimus very brave
eheu ! oh no !
euge ! hurray !
cubiculum bedroom
cibus food
frater brother
fractus broken
filia daughter
furcifer ! devil / scoundrel !
iam now
iampridem a long time ago
maximus very big / large / great
nasus nose
nauta sailor
navis / navem ship
nisi except
nihil nothing
eum him / it
erat was
fundus farm
finis / finem end
adest is here
agit does / acts
adiuvat helps
ad to / at
babae ! hey !
audit hears
avarus miser
auxilium help
aperit opens
argentarium builder
ater / atrum black
caelum sky
bibit drinks
benignus kind
barba beard
basilica law court
bestiaurus beast - fighter
cantat sings
cenat dines / eats
dea goddess
clausit closed
facit makes / does
fugit runs away / flees
exit goes out
delectat delights / pleases
dissentit disagrees / argues
dixit says
cupit wants
confecit finishes
credit trusts / believes in / has faith in
narrat narrates / tells
nimium too much
nos we / us
legit reads
laborat works
laetus happy
libertus freedman / ex-master
laudat praises
mox soon
heri yesterday
hortus garden
iratus angry
puer boy
Graecia Greece
iuvenis young man
nemo no one
uxor wife
pecunia money
actor actor
mendax liar
Aegyptius Egyptian
agricola farmer
testis witness
femina woman
puella girl
perterritus terrified
urbs city
taberna shop / inn
funambulus tight-rope walker
iudex judge
quinquaginta fifty
nuntius messanger
valde very (much)
vos you (pl.)
vulneravit wounded / injured
vendit sells
vehementer violentely / loudly
venit comes
via street
vir man
vita man
vidit sees
viginti twenty
utilis useful
utilissimus very useful
unus one
ubique everywhere
umbra shadow / ghost
tristis sad
tum then
turba crowd
tutus safe
tacite quietly / silently
tamen however
tablinum study
tantum only
tandem at last
templem temple
stilus pen / stick
Syrius Syrian
spina thorn
stola dress
stultus stupid
stultissimus very stupid
portit carries
amit loves
docit teachs
habit has
clamit shouts
dicit says
Created by: samstyan99