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Where is the swamp & marsh located? Coastal Plains region
What is the largest swamp in North America? Okefenokee Swamp
What name did the Seminole Indians give the Okefenokee Swamp? Land of Trembling Earth
When Georgia was once under water what was the Okefenokee part of? Atlantic Ocean
True or False: The swamp water looks very dirty, but it is actually very pure. True
Where do the Suwanee River & the St. Mary's River start? Okefenokee Swamp
What are the 4 land features of the Okefenokee Swamp? prairies, hammocks, lakes, & islands
What are prairies? areas of shallow water with tall grass
What are hammocks? small clusters of trees
True or False: There are about 70 islands in the Okefenokee Swamp. true
True or False: There are more alligators in the swamp than there are people. true
True of False: There are over 30 different types of snakes found in the Okefenokee, 5 of which are poisonous. true
What birds are found in the Okefenokee? white ibis, blue heron, mallard duck, & the kingfisher
What adaptations do birds of the swamp have that allow them to thrive in their habitat? long pointed beaks & long legs
How do long pointed beaks & long legs help birds help birds out in the swamp region? Long beaks are used to spear fish and long legs allow them to stand in shallow water.
What makes many of the plants found in the swamp & marsh unique? They are carnivorous.
What does carnivorous mean? meat eater
Why are carnivorous plants so common in the swamp & marsh? The soil found in this habitat is very poor in nutrients.
What do bladderworts & pitcher plants eat? insects
What carnivorous plant has tube-shaped leaves which fill with water to attract bugs? pitcher plant
What is a wetland? an area of low land covered by water
What is the difference between a swamp and a marsh? A swamp is a wetland that is covered mostly by trees and other woody plants. A marsh is a wetland covered mostly by grasses and soft stem plants.
What is an estuary? a place where salt & fresh water mix
Where is the swamp & marsh located in Georgia? Southeast corner
What is the climate like in this region? hot, wet, humid
What features of the blue heron allow it to live and thrive in this region? long bill
What type of trees in this region have knees that come up out of the water? cypress trees
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