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kwiles C-4

Cell Biology

1. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek concluded that all plants are composed of cells. (T or F) t
2. As a cell gets larger, its volume increases at a faster rate than its surface area. (T or F) t
3. Most living prokaryotes are multi cellular protists. (T or F) f
4. All living things that are not bacteria are eukaryotes. (T or F) t
5. Organelles enable eukaryotic cells to specialize. (T or F) t
6. Lysosomes carry on cellular respiration. (T or F) f
7. DNA stores information that directs the activities of a cell. (T or F) t
8. Microtubules and microfilaments form the cytoskeleton of cells. (T or F) t
9. The only difference between a plant cell and an animal cell is that plant cells have chloroplasts. (T or F) f
10. Colonial organisms differ from single-celled organisms in that each cell cannot support its own existence. (T or F) t
11 Hooke's discovery of cells was made observing: a. living algal cells b. living human blood cells c. dead plant cells d. dead protist cells c
12. The size to which a cell can grow is limited by its: a. location b. structure c. function. d. surface area to volume ratio d
13. A cell that can change its shape would be well suited for: a. receiving and transmitting nerve impulses b. covering the body surface c. moving to different parts of the organism d. all of the above c
14. Which of the following is a characteristic of prokaryotes? a. They have a nucleus b. They were on Earth before eukaryotes c. The organelles in their cytoplasm are surrounded by membranes. d. None of the above b
15. Only eukaryotic cells have: a. DNA b. membrane-bound organelles c. ribosomes d. cytoplasm b
16. Studying a picture of a cell taken with an electron microscope, you find that the cell has no nucleus and no mitochondria, but it does have a cell membrane and a cell wall. You conclude that the cell is probably from (a) an: a. animalb. plantc. prokar c
17. A particularly active cell ( think muscle cell or a cell that has to move like a sperm cell ) might contain large numbers of: a. chromosomes b. vacules c. mitochondria d. DNA c
18. Golgi apparatus are organelles that: a. receive proteins and lipids from the endoplasmic reticulum. b. label the molecules made in the endoplasmic reticulum with tags that specify their destination.c. release molecules in vesiclesd. All of the above d
19. In which of the following organelles is a cell's ATP produced? a. mitochondrion b. endoplasmic reticulum c. Golgi apparatus d. lysosomeduced? a.
20. Numerous threadlike organelles that protrude from the surface of a cell and are packed in tight rows called: a. flagella b. microtubules c. actin filaments d. cilia d.
21. Proteins are made in cells on the_____________ ribosomes
22. All cells have______________, _______________and ____________________ cell membrane , cytoplasm and ribosomes
23.What are the chief differences between a plant and animal cell? Plant cells have: cell wall, central vacuole, chloroplasts and other plastids.
24. Cell: cell membrane::a. nucleus:chromosomes b. nucleus: nuclear envelope c. chromosome: DNA d. cell: DNA b
25.How do you calculate surface area of a cube? L X W X6
26.How do you calculate the volume of a cube? LXWXH
27 ATP stands for ? Adenosine Tri Phosphate
28.If a cell suddenly became half the size it was, the surface area to volume ratio would increase or decrease and by what amount? Increase by double
29.The three statements of cell theory are:? Cells come from other cells All organisms are comprised of at least 1 cell Cells are the basic unit of life
30. Cell membranes are living or non living and composed of what molecules? non- living - phospholipid molecules and protein
31. Could you draw and label a cell membrane? well can ya?
Can you estimate the actual size of a cell? well can ya?
Created by: kwiles
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