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Critical Analysis

Chapter 1-5

Transcript Document that shows the work you did in school
Syllabus A contract for a class
DSS They give accommodations
Certificate It helps you do classes in less time
Default Not paying back loans on time
Pre-requisite Developmental Classes
GPA Average of credit hours and grades
Degree Evaluation When you are about to graduate
FAFSA The application to ask for money
Transferred Moved from one place to another
Major Courses you are taking in college
Disqualified Ineligible
Text A textbook you need for a class
Academic Advisor A person to counsel you about school
Developmental Skills you need to succeed in college
Commencement You beginning a new career
Financial Aid Money to help pay for school
Accommodations Gives whatever help to people with special needs
Associate's Degree A two year degree
Application Asking to graduate
Accredited Attested and of approved as meeting prescribed standards
Tact Careful so others won't take offense
Anatomy Structure of living things
Ethics Guidelines of principles to do the right thing
Psychology The study of the mind
Symptom A sign indicating a disease
Confidentiality A promise to keep information a secret
Dissection Act or process of cutting apart
Micro-organism Living things not being able to see with the naked eye
Hygiene Keeping clean
Anesthesia To put to sleep or being numb
Empathy Being able to understand
Superstitious Magic is more powerful than anything else
Psychiatry Treatment of a mental disorder
Holistic Treating the mind body and spirit (aroma therapy, massage, nutritional supplements)
Physiology How body parts work
Discretion Keeping things secret
Vaccination Prevents a disease from happening
Geriatrics Treatment of old people
Asepsis Not clean
Palliative Does not cure anything
Plane Divides body into 2 parts
Ambulatory Able to walk
Lateral Moving towards the side
Macroscopic Seeing with the naked eye
Supine Lying face up
Asymptomatic No symptoms
Chronic 3 months or longer
Posterior The back half of the body
Palpation To touch with the fingers
Anterior Front half of the body
Microscopic Examine with an instrument
Prone Face down
Hereditary Passed down (generations)
Cavity Spaces in body where organs live
Auscultation Listening through a stethoscope
Medial Toward the middle of the body
Acute Sudden and severe
Infectious A pathogen caught from another person
Congenital A child born with
Metabolism Rate at which body burns calories
Feedback loop Brain communicates with the body
Prognosis How disease will turn out in the future
Bradycardia Slow heart rate
P.R.N Whenever needed
Gross anatomy Body structure visible to the naked eye
Vital sign Vital sign pulse, BP, Respiration
CXR Take picture of your body
Homeostasis Body attempt to get back to normal
Nephritis Inflammation of the kidneys
Hypothalamus Controls body temperature
Diagnosis Indication of a disease
Set point Condition where your body doesn't change
Liter Metric unit of measure
Histology Study of tissue
Syndrome Collection of symptoms occurred together
Arthroscope Instrument that looks inside joints
Etiology The study or the cause of a disease
Acrocyanosis Poor circulation
NPO Nothing by mouth
Therapeutic Healing or helping
Sonographer Record sound images
Outlook The future of the job
EKG Record the electrical changes that occur during a heart beat
Wellness program The employer pays for you to be healthy
Prioritize Do things
Epidemiology The diseases
Clerical A person who did copied work
Respiratory Helping people with their breathing
Technician Person who has tools to do their work
Euthanize . Intension on killing a living thing
Occupation What fills your time job
Requisitions Document because you need something
Sterilizing To clean equipment
Health Informatics Different levels of health careers
Dietitian A person who develops dietary plans
OT Workers who treat people who are mentally, physically, developmentally disabled
Leisure Time free from the demands of work
Transcribe To make a written copy
Aide A person who helps care for patients
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