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7th Science Part 1

Effie Subardoe- Chapter 7

Kitti's hog-nosed bat The smallest mammal
Blue whale The largest animal
Endoskeleton An internal skeleton which includes the vertebral coumn
Warmblooded Means they regulate their body temperature by internal mechanisms. (Panting, shivering, sweating, etc)
(True) Hibernation In Which an animals body temperature drops close to the freezing point.
Winter sleep When animals undergo a process like hibernation, but their body temperatures don't drop, but other systems considerably slow down to keep them warm and alive.
Mammary glands Provide milk for young animals; this is what gives mammals the class name Mammalia
_____ is found on all mammals. Hair
What is the top layer of hair called and what is its purpose? Guard hair; it provides shape for an animal's coat
What is the second layer of hair called and what is its purpose? Underhair; soft and provides warmth
How can hair protect an animal? Camouflage
Most animals have teeth founds in _______ __ ___ ____. sockets in their jaws
Molars Flat teeth found toward the back of the mouth used for grinding
Carnivores Animals that eat primarily meat
Herbivores Animals that eat primarily plants
Omnivores Eat both vegetation and meat
Mammals are the only animals that have a _________. Diaphragm
Zoologists Biologists who study animals
Name at least three parts a mammal mother has that helps her with her developing young. The uterus(or womb),where the young develops,Placenta(allows the young to get oxygen and nutrients,umbilical cord attaches the young to the placenta,assists in waste materials,amniotic sac has amniotic fluid that surrounds the young and avoids shock.
Edentata [Without teeth] This order includes the sloths, armadillos, and anteaters.
God has designed the hair of a sloth to lie form _____ to ____. belly, back
Prehensile tail Means the tail is capable of grabbing things
Armadillo A Spanish word meaning "little armored one"
Name the smallest and largest armadillos Smallest:fairy armadillo; Largest: Giant armadillo
Shrews Can die of heart attack when startled
Hedgehogs Consume 8% of their body weight daily.
Insectivora Order in which the members eat mainly insects; includes hedgehogs, moles, and shrews
Bats make up the order __________, [wing hand]. Chiroptera
What are bat groups called? Colonies
Many groups of bats feed primarily on _______. Insects
Binocular vision Means that both eyes can focus on one thing, causing excellent depth perception.
What are monkey groups called? Troops or bands.
Primates This order includes monkeys, apes, gibbons, and gorillas.
What are the largest bats? The fruit-eating bats called flying foxes.
Echolocation system A bat emits high sound, and when the sound waves bounce back, the bat can create a mental picture of it's surroundings, therefore allowing it to catch bugs at night
Vampire bats Drink only blodd; this vat has chemicals in it's saliva to keep the blood form clootting
Monkeys Primates with tails
What are the three broad categories of monkeys? Prosimians, New World, and Old World.
Prosimians The group of primates that are the smallest and look least like the common monkey
The tarsier can swivel it's neck ___ degrees, viewing in all directions and avoiding predators. 180
Lemurs are only found where? The island of Madagascar.
Lorsies and pottos have more ____ __________ than any other primate. Neck vertebrae
What is the largest lemur? The Indri.
What is the smallest primate? The mouse lemur.
__% of and Old world monkey's diet is leaves. 80
What are the two categories of apes? Great apes and lesser apes
What primates make up the lesser apes? gibbons[they eat only fruit]
Brachiation Swinging from tree limb to tree limb
Name three types of great apes. Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and orangutans.
Foxes live in burrows called ______. Earths
The oldest male in a gorilla group is called a __________. Silverback
What ape is the most arboreal of the great apes? Orangutans.
Chimpanzees are probably the ________ of all primates. smartest
Bears are best described as _________. omnivores
The strong scent of Mustelidae family in generated by glands at the ____ of their tails. base
The polar bear is the only bear to have a completely ______ or ________ fur coat. white,yellowish
Felidae Members of the cat family
The variety in cats that we are familiar with today probably came from what? Tthe two "cats" that got off Noah's ark.
Cats are considered the only true ____________ family. Carnivous
The largest cat is what? The Siberian Tiger
Lion group A pride
How do walruses keep warm? Blubber
What are the two general types of seals? Eared and earless.
What are two basic groups of whales? Baleen and toothed.
Blue whale The largest mammal that has ever lived; a baleen whale.
The blue whale is the _______ ________ mammal. Fastest growing
Baleen whales Have comblike plates known as baleen or whalebone crossing their mouth.
What are dog groups called? Packs.
What animal is a large toothed whale known for its extremely large head? A sperm whale
Lagmorpha order Made up by rabbits hares and pikas.
Lodges Mounds beavers build above the surface of streams.
Capybaras are the _______ rodents. largest
Mice and rats are found __ ______ __________. on every continent.
Elephants are of the order ___________. Proboscidea
Over half of all known mammal species are _______. Rodents
What is a very special fact about elephants? They are the largest land animals.
Name a few differences between dolphins and porpoises. Dolphins are long and sleek, while porpoises are short and compact. Dolphins Beaks are pointed; porpoises beaks are short and blunt., A dolphin has pointed teeth; a porpoise has flat teeth. A dolphins fin is curved, while the porpoises is triangular.
"True" dolphins include the ______ ______. killer whale.
Toothed whales Have sharp teeth for catching prey
______ are probably the most useful group of artiodacyls. Bovids
Ruminants Animals that chew cud;include cattle sheep goats and antelope.
Giraffe The tallest living animal.
Artiodactyla Even toed ungulates; more numerous that the odd toed ungulates.
Bactrian, Arabian The two species of camels
Fawn Baby deer
Deer are _______, feeding on grasses and other plants the grow close to the ground. browsers
Mammals with hooves are called _________. Ungulates.
The Pholidota order Includes the pangoling
Hyradcoidea order Includes the hyrax
The flying lemur glides ____ _______ _______ ____ ____ ________. the longest distance of any mammal
Numbat A pouchless marsupial
Kangaroos The largest marsupial and the largest hopping animal.
Kangaroo groups Mobs
Marsupialia order Includes animals wiht a pouch
Marsupian Pouch
Marsupial mother give birth to very ____, _________ young. tiny,undeveloped
What do koalas feed exclusively on? Eucalyptus leaves
What does Koala mean? One who never drinks
__________ are the only marsupial found outside Australia and its surrounding islands. Opossums
Monotremata [order] Include all the oviparous[egg producing] animals.
Name two of the three animals are in the Monotremata order. Echindas, platypus
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