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SLS Bio 11 Plants CG

Adaptation To survive, an organism contributes a new physical feature in which helps it survive
Alternation of Generations The process of which a more or less evolved organism benefits from both asexual and sexual reproduction in between different generations.
Colonial The certain way organisms are placed or place themselves; more specifically in a grouped and formatted way
Dicots One of the two groups that flowering plants (angiosperms) provide, specified by the two (DI) embryonic leaves (cotyledons) the plant might have
Enclosed Seeds Provided by angiosperms are seeds that are closed off from the ovary and the ovules are protected
Flowers The reproductive area of blooming plants, enclosing sexual organs to reproduce effectively
Fruit Is the ripened and developed ovary of blossoming plants
leaves The groeth of a foliage based plant, that grows outwards from the stem used to absorb water, sunlight, and other nutrients
Monocots One of the two groups that flowering plants (Angiosperms) provide, specified by the one (MONO) embryonic leaves the plant might have
Multicellular An Organism that uses or incorporated more than one cell devision
Pollen The male inseminating product that contains the male gamete, used to fertilize female plant organs
Roots attachment to the ground, a plants used to stabilize and gain nutrients
seeds the part of a plant specifically used to reproduce and develop into an adult version of said plant
unicellular An organism that solely incorporates one cell to use
vascular tissue higher evolved plants use this tissue to transport nutrients and water, divided into phloem and xylem
Created by: ChandlerGuzman