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Med Terms- 25

Ear Nose Throat otorhinolaryngology
ear hearing and equilibrium (balance)
pharynx throat
adenoids pharyngeal tonsils
tonsils remove foreign invaders from air, food, and drink
one who studies hearing audiologist
pinna auricle
ossicles bones in middle ear
3 tiny bones in middle ear malleus, incus, stapes
inner ear organs for equilibrium semicircular canals
pertaining to ear aural
cochlea shaped like coiled snail shell
epiglottis cartilage flap prevents food/drink from entering larynx and trachea
larynx voice box
vocal cords produce speech
instrument to visually examine larynx laryngoscope
pertaining to nose and throat nasopharyngeal
without smell anosmia
pertaining to ear otic
surgical repair of the ear otoplasty
without voice aphonia
speech problems dysphonia
discharge from nose rhinorrhea
tonsil inflammation tonsillitis
trachea windpipe
narrowing of trachea tracheostenosis
tympanic membrane eardrum
cutting into eardrum tympanotomy
acoustic neuroma benign tumor
croup barking cough
deafness hearing impairment
decongestant medication to reduce nasal and sinus stuffiness and congestion
diphtheria formation of thick membranous film across throat
epistaxis nosebleed
falling test evaluate balance and equilibrium
hearing aid amplification device
Meniere disease chronic inner ear condtition
otitis externa (OE) swimmer's ear
otitis media (OM) bacterial or viral infection of middle ear
pressure-equalizing tube (PE tube) drains trapped fluid
tinnitus ringing in ears
AU both ears
ET endotracheal
Created by: briannasmith12