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Facts and Questions about Classifying Invertidrates.

What are invertibrates? Invertibrates are animals without backbones.
Animals eat food, What are the three Classifications? Herbivores,Carnivors, and Omnivores.
What are the three types of symmetry? 1). Radial 2). Bilateral 3).Asummetrical.
Animals are classified into two groups, What are the two groups? Vertibrates~Animal WITH backbone Invertibrates~Animal WITHOUT backbone
Adult sponges are sessile, What does SESSILE mean? Sessile means that they stay in one place.
How do Sponges Feed? Sponges are Filter Feeders.
Why do Sponges Filter Feed? Sponges filter feed because there are Microscopic Organisms are in the water to feed on.
What are the soft bodies of many sponges supported by? They are supported by Spicules which are sharp,glass-like structures that's why not many are eaten.
What other way that they are supported? They also have spongin that makes them soft and elastic.
How do sponges Reproduce? Sponges reproduce both sexually and asexually.
How do they reproduce Sexually? Most Sponges are Hermaphrodite so they produce Eggs and Sperm.
how do they produce Asexually? They reproduce by Budding, meaning they grow another appendage and then it falls off the main part of the body, then grows on its own.
What does Cnidarian mean? Cnidarian means Stinging Cells.
What is a Cnidarian? A Cnidarian is an invertibrate that has Tentacles around the mouth that shoot out stinging cells to capture prey.
What symmetry does a Cnidarian have? A Cnidarian has Radial Symmetry.
What is a Polyp? A Polyp is a vase-shaped body
What is a Medusa? A Medusa is a free swimming,bell-shaped body of a Jellyfish.
How do Polyps reproduce? They reproduce by budding.Some reproduce sexually releasing eggs or sperm into the water.
How do Medusa reproduce? They reproduce sexually to produce Polyp. Polyp buds for a new Medusa
Created by: madison.black